Neuromedia: art and neuroscience research seminar

Prof. Dr. Jill Scott and Prof. Marille Hahne

19 Feb. 2019

Tuesday 5 March 1pm to 3pm – The Long Room, Wintec City Campus – Free entry (no ticket required)

This seminar features excerpts of Jill Scott’s own media artworks from science museums and contemporary art contexts called Neuromedia and includes documentary films by Marille Hahne. These interpretative forms of media art start with a scientific examination of perception and behavior at the molecular, cellular and systems level. Collaborations like these open up new questions for artists and scientists such as: Can combinations of self-reflective poetic art and scientific objectivity create an alternative approach to communication? Can health analysis benefit from such an exchange and extend viewer perception? Can collaborations lead to experiment building from another perspective or open up new approaches to neuro-aesthetics or neuro-ecology? This seminar invites you to discuss these questions and learn about the future of perception.