Ramp Talk

Sarah Meads: Founder, Trustee Manager of Track Zero

9 Jul. 2021

  • Thursday 22 July
  • 11am to 12pm
  • Ramp Gallery, Collingwood Street, Hamilton

This Ramp talk is in conjunction with the Airways exhibition which opens on the 19 July at Ramp Gallery.

What if Climate Change was Purple?

Storytelling, not just statistics, is vital to how we connect with people to ignite our cultural response to the climate crisis. We need art to make our hearts leap, build bridges between people and places, and feed our imaginations to shape a better future.  Join Track Zero‘s Founder, Sarah Meads, to explore how arts and culture can inspire change. Discover new climate-related artworks by artists and scientists brought together in an ambitious project called What if Climate Change was Purple?  and hear from one of the creatives, Dr Vicki Kerr, about the journey and conceptual development behind ‘Airways’ – an immersive installation about the harmful impact of our flying habits on the environment.

Sarah Meads

Sarah has many years of experience working at senior levels on sustainable development, climate change, and international affairs and is former Senior Policy Advisor to Oxfam New Zealand. Her focus is on working with others to design creative solutions and inter-generational frameworks that promote a low emissions future and social justice.

Sarah is passionate about engaging people on a visceral level to understand the impact of climate on people and the planet – harnessing the power of the arts to inspire climate action. A former mixed media artist and former Trustee of the Wellington Sculpture Trust, Sarah holds post graduate degrees in science, business and international development.