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Toby Morris: reaching the masses

Toby Morris and Aimie Cronin

24 Aug. 2020

Ramp connects with comic and The Spinoff creative director Toby Morris whose clear, informative and engaging work on Covid-19 has seen The Spinoff win a contract with the World Health Organisation.

Toby Morris’ work for RNZ and The Spinoff often takes big issues and makes them digestible. He draws and writes about topics as wide ranging as police pursuits, over-representation of Maori in the justice system, inequality, fatherhood, rugby, the monarchy, sugar tax.

Recently, his work on Covid-19 with microbiologist and science communicator Siouxsie Wiles has seen him drawing images that are being used worldwide to help get information out to the public on limiting the spread of the virus. In this live podcast, he talks to Aimie Cronin about how he got started, what his purpose is, and the power of keeping it simple.

This live interview was recorded on the 5 August 2020 at the Gallagher Hub, Wintec city campus.

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