Amanda Watson Still Life Drawing

1:00–2:30pm Thursday 18 August, 2022

RG.05 / R Block / Wintec

Learn how to create a simple still life at home at our drawing workshop with artist Amanda Watson. Take time to observe and articulate subject matter derived from the natural environment and items from around home. Engage in drawing exercises to learn new techniques and experiment with different media to shake-up your drawing practice. This workshop is suitable for beginners and proficient practitioners alike, and all material will be provided.

Amanda Watson is a visual artist, researcher and writer who is curious about the world we live in and how we communicate about places and geographies. Living in Aotearoa New Zealand in a small town on the coast she enjoys spending time outside making paintings that record encounters with geographies, and thinking about how to use imagination and perception to notice things about places and how these can be materialised through painting.