Contemporary Painting Panel

Contemporary Painting Panel

Simon Morris

Simon Morris is an artist whose work focuses on painting, site responsive wall painting and installation. His work continues to explore interests in abstraction and the possibilities that surface from self-imposed restraints on structure, materials and process. He teaches across Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes at Whiti o Rehua Achool of Art, Massey University, Wellington.

Recent wall drawing projects featured at Frankfurt Kunstverein, at MUCA ROMA in Mexico City, ST Paul St Gallery in Auckland, and Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne.


Noel Ivanoff

Noel Ivanoff has consistently investigated the structures and supports on which paintings are made and presented. His works are manufactured in ways that explore the relationship between gesture and control and how paint can be applied and removed from a work.

Ivanoff completed a Masters degree with first class honours at the University of Auckland and is now Head of the Fine Arts Department at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. His work is included in the Chartwell, Wallace Trust and Fletcher Trust collections and in many private collections.


Johl Dwyer

Johl Dwyer's new paintings continue his recent initiative of abandoning the canvas to work directly with the wooden stretcher frame. Somewhat in reverse, areas of pictorial ground are built up in layers of plaster and paint as the three-dimensional border is recast, reiterated, and eventually dissolved.

These abstracted patterns generate self-referential forms synonymous with the architecture of the gallery space while at the same time referencing the evanescent layers of paint, graffiti, and liquid leftovers visible in the street.