Film Screening

12:00–1:30pm Tuesday 9 August, 2016

Events Room 01 / Gallagher Hub / Wintec

Design is the One is a film screening brought to Spark by Design Assembly taking place over lunchtime so grab a coffee and enjoy their story.

Design is the One film by Kathy Brew + Roberto Guerra is about two of the world’s most influential designers, Lella and Massimo Vignelli.  

Their work covers such a broad spectrum that one could say they are known by everyone, even by those who don’t know their names. Adhering to self-proclaimed motto, “If you can’t find it, design it,” their achievements in industrial and product design, graphic and publication design, corporate identity, architectural graphics, and exhibition, interior, and furniture design have earned worldwide respect and numerous international awards for over 40 years.

Design is One is proudly brought to Spark by Design Assembly.