Hamilton Human Rights Film Festival

8:00–10:00pm Sunday 10 August, 2014

Lido Cinema

What has the assassination of a Russian political journalist have to do with an Indigenous Australian band singing protest songs about the 'Stolen Generation?’

Is the toxic gold mining in Latin America really an ecological disaster and what of the fate of African refugees being resettled in faraway Germany?

Are the seeds of hatred still being fanned by politically motivated governments usurping the rights of an indigenous population?
What is an East Coast Maori Reggae band doing travelling to Northland, and are the mokopuna of Te Whiti right in wanting to discover their non-violent history?

All these questions will be answered at the Hamilton Human Rights Film Festival.

Screening times:

Programme 1 - Friday 8th 8pm TATARAKIHI: The Children Of Parihaka (NZ) 65 mins EL ORO O LA VIDA (Gold Or Life)  (Guatemala) 57 mins

Programme 2 - Saturday 9th 1:30pm... A BITTER TASTE OF FREEDOM (Russia) 88 mins AL BIER (The Well) (Palestine) 10 mins drama

Programme 3 - Sunday 10th August, 8pm MURUNDAK: Songs of Freedom  (Australia) 85 mins ERDE, HÖLLE, HIMMEL (Earth, Hell, Heaven) (Germany) 13mins 50 secs

Programme 4 - Sunday 10th August, 8pm THE PA BOYS (NZ) 93 mins (drama)

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