5:30–7:30pm Tuesday 23 July, 2019

The Design Factory / Wintec

Bring the best of design thinking into the heart of your organisation with IdeaSquared, an evening of expert speakers and a chance to chat all things future-focused! Join Scott Bishop, Chief Innovation Officer from Z Energy, in a discussion around how Z is preparing for the uncertain future ahead, and how design thinking provides real value for customers and businesses.

Scott is dedicated to advocating for customers, design-driven storytelling and creativity in the workplace. Before coming to New Zealand he ran Product Management, Innovation and Design at Amazon HQ in Seattle and spent 13 years in leadership roles within Microsoft, giving him a great blend of strategy, business modelling and research acumen.

Open to all, IdeaSquared will also feature a fast-fire panel of leaders in businesses and not-for-profit organisations. They will be reflecting on Scott’s insights and sharing how they are setting their own organisations up for future flourishing.