Julia Reynolds

12:00–1:30pm Friday 26 July, 2019

P1.18 / P Block / Wintec

Come and explore mood in moving image with New Zealand filmmaker and ex-Media Arts student Julia Reynolds! This is your chance to learn about creating tonal elements of mood in a practical environment with someone experienced in television, music videos, films, animations and virtual reality. Look forward to experimenting with language and digital images in some hands-on exercises, and learning how ideas, character and plot movement can be framed around visual mood exploration.

This style of thinking about mood, images and language stems from Shepherd, Julia’s debut feature film. Shepherd was pieced together from brainstorms and linking, rather than conventional scriptwriting. Julia will be able to offer insight into how this impacted on the process when a script is used to gather support for a project, especially financial support. Her creative practice also spirals outwards from film and moving image making, and explores community, empowerment and the environment, so make sure you grab the chance to ask those burning questions while she’s with us.