Lance Harris

3:00–4:30pm Thursday 9 August, 2018

X Block / Alexandra Street

We need to take responsibility for our consumption and help out where we can. Recycling is one action we can all take to reduce the impact that we have on our environment, and artist Lance Harris, also known by the pseudonym Ero, is here to talk you through how recycling can create art.

You’ll use recycled objects found the week leading up to Spark to collage and create abstract art, giving them a second lease on life.

These objects can even be extended to have a third lease on life – just bring a t-shirt or hoodie that you already own or have found in an op-shop if you want to see how!

Wintec students and staff with ID please register as below.  If you are alumni please note in the ID column. Please email Festival Director Megan if you’d like to go on our waiting list.