Local to Global Panel

3:00–4:00pm Tuesday 9 August, 2016

Events Room 01 / Gallagher Hub / Wintec

In this panel running across a number of disciplines the concept of choosing to live in NZ but work globally will be explored across a range of creative industries.

Join jeweller Lisa Walker who divides her time between Wellington and Munich, Jayden and Angela Keoghan who live and work in rural Waikato while working with clients around the globe and Niko Croskery who now calls NZ home whilst being the co-founder of a London based startup, Whaler, an innovative marketplace for brands to search, communicate and collaborate with our handpicked community of exceptional Instagram influencers. 

In the context of technology shaping the way we live, greater numbers of people choosing to freelance and the increased simplicity of being in a global market we will be exploring our presenters experiences and challenges in this panel discussion facilitated by Sam Cunnane.