Megan Dunn

4:30–6:00pm Wednesday 17 August, 2022

Social Space / R Block / Wintec

Megan Dunn writes about herself, mermaids and contemporary New Zealand art. Her first book, Tinderbox (2017), was about the end of Borders bookstores, Ray Bradbury and Julie Christie’s hair. But not necessarily in that order. Her recent memoir Things I Learned at Art School (2021) contains a stripper who jumps out of a cake, a performance artist wielding live chainsaws, and her own mother. Megan likes jokes. Even bad jokes. In the late nineties, she went to Elam School of Fine Arts and ran Fiat Lux, an artist run space in Auckland. Her art reviews and criticism have been widely published along with her essays and stories.

At this special creative writing workshop Megan will be running some exercises so bring along your own pen/ paper (or laptop). We’ll also be chatting over a number of topics in the creative realm so please come armed with your questions.

This event is supported by Creative New Zealand’s Creative Communities Scheme.