Pilot Space

6:00–8:00pm Sunday 10 August, 2014

5 Ward St / Hamilton

If you do start making cheese, I recommend a Farmhouse Cheddar — or — At least striving for positivity in the knowledge of a limited time in which one can be productive

‘Practice’ has an odd ambivalence of meaning: as it shifts between its definition as a noun and its definition as a verb it implies both accomplishment and lack. A gifted surgeon has a practice, but a fumblefingered child must practice her violin more. The word carries an inherent reminder of its opposite which is perhaps even more apparent for those with an artistic practice. Almost like mementomori, there’s that niggle in there: that although an artist may have a practice, and even though that artist might regularly practice, s/he may not get better. From this, the artists in this show were made conscious of a point of stasis between aspiration and indifference and how they might respond to it.

A collaborative, limited edition publication will be available during the exhibition: In the same way ricotta utilises the usually discarded whey, Ricotta; the Whey Publication deals with the exhibition’s byproducts, derivatives and discards.