Rob Thorne

3:00–4:30pm Sunday 10 August, 2014

SG.04 / S Block / Wintec

Master Class: Taonga Puoro as new frontier

Rob Thorne, MA (Social Anthropology), Musician.

Experimental music is about innovation and the revival of taonga puoro (traditional Maori musical instruments) is about tradition. A large part of rediscovering and reviving the traditions of taonga puoro has come out of improvisation. Innovation cannot exist without tradition, and tradition requires innovation to challenge and confirm its foundation.

Taonga puoro has been able to develop as a cultural and musical field because of its ability to work laterally and experimentally with other sources andfields of knowledge and practice. With a combination of actual and re-imagined tradition and innovation it seeks a form of renovation that retains and rebuilds the old while utilising the new. We stand at the beginning of a new time.

In this 90 minute Master Class Rob Thorne will discuss his academic and musical work with taonga puoro, while demonstrating musically some of what he is currently trying to achieve as a musician.

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