Ryan Delaney Workshop

3:00–4:30pm Wednesday 8 August, 2018

RG.02 / R Block / Wintec

Designing is not just about drawing a pretty picture. More importantly, it’s about identifying the demographic you want to appeal to and figuring out how to achieve this.

Join Ryan Delaney has he explains the process of a design sprint and how to apply it to the execution of design work for a client – a collaborative exercise that is implemented by Ryan and his own Overdose.Digital team that helps to identify how to correctly design for a brand and to rationalise the outcome.

Justifying a design is compulsory when presenting to clients in industry. Bring a pen and a collaborative mindset, and Ryan will bring the inside knowledge.

Wintec students and staff with ID please register as below.  If you are alumni please note in the ID column. Please email Festival Director Megan if you’d like to go on our waiting list.