Social Media & PR Public Programme

5:30–6:30pm Tuesday 9 August, 2016

Creative Waikato / Garden Place

A chance to hang out with two PR mavens, who work across a range of disciplines in the arts, and learn some of their trade secrets while enjoying some after work refreshments.

So a little more about our speakers; Anna Dean has changed the name of a capital city. 

She is the film industry's go-to for promotion and publicity, and her ability to make the right noise with the right people makes her seriously in demand for branding and marketing. Anna acts with agency and is fast, flexible and unflappable.  David Farrier described her as a ‘marketing genius’, and in 2015 Anna became the first New Zealander to be selected for the prestigious Power to the Pixel programme in Scotland. 

Angela Meyer often surprises, sometimes shocks and always delivers. She has a track record for developing and implementing innovative marketing and behaviour change strategies, refreshing brands, creating new business opportunities and continually seeking efficiencies in service delivery. Angela has the capacity to make hard decisions to achieve high- impact results for brands. She builds communities, makes things possible and always starts with ‘Why?’ Angela also sits on the board of Action Station.

This public programme is a free event and open to the community