5:00–7:00pm Tuesday 7 August, 2018

Weasel Gallery / 260 Victoria St

Born in Tonga, raised in Sydney, and now residing in Wellington, Telly Tuita’s exhibition, TongPopUa, is a solo show which navigates location, connection and cultural identity. Tuita explains the concept of TongPopUa as “… a place, a myth, a fact, a person, a god, an environment, a desire and a conflict. It’s the past in the present.”

TongPopUa is a multimedia exhibition which consists of paintings atop photographic works, cotton paper and recycled brown paper bags. Both framed and simply on paper, these works span a significant size range (from less than 0.5m2 up to 2.5m2). Using a striking palette applied in layers with varying degrees of opacity, Tuita builds complex works comprised of symbolic shapes and patterns. Selected forms are then manipulated to give a sense of depth and movement within the work, creating a bold and engaging exhibition. Using this visual language, Tuita conveys a public account of his personal journey between places, over time.

TongPopUa coincides with Tuita’s work Tongpop: A family of souvenirs showing as part of the National Contemporary Art Award.

This exhibition runs until the 25 August 2018.