Tony Nicholls 'Departure'

4:30–7:00pm Wednesday 4 August, 2021

Ramp Gallery / R Block / Wintec

Join us to celebrate the end of day one and Departure an exhibition by Tony Nicholls who has been a practicing artist for over 40 years exhibiting in solo and group shows across Aotearoa. Tony believes that there are rewarding journeys to be had exploring unseen and unheard worlds.  Remarkably these worlds can be close at hand, often overlooked due to the limits of our body’s sensory systems or simply our normal points of focus.

Departure is a show that not only explores and brings out of concealment the world of the unheard but is also and importantly acknowledges the means used to get there, and the realization that what allows us to see also colours what we see. Waka forms constructed of humble plywood, speakers, carbon-fibre, and steel rods invite us to journey in this space show that this is not simply a documentary depicting the unheard, but that it is this new world that in fact propagates a range of new possibilities.

To make something that appears simple can be quite complex, it is one thing to make something two dimensional, then step up a level to make it three dimensional. To make the job harder we can make it move and even harder by imposing some limitations, not forgetting about reliability and longevity.