Zhu Pei

12:00–1:00pm Tuesday 15 August, 2017

Social Space / R Block / Wintec

One of China’s leading architects Zhu Pei received a Masters in Architecture from both the Tsinghua University in China and the University of California, Berkeley, before founding Studio Pei-Zhu in 2005.

He has since won countless awards; exhibited everywhere from the US to Venice, Abu Dhabi, and São Paulo; and was selected to design the Guggenheim Museum in Beijing. His immersion in two very different cultures has given him a new perspective on architecture as an individual and personal form of art, outside professional boundaries and guidelines.

Join us to hear Zhu Pei speak on the topic “Natural Attitude”, where he will explore the concept that contemporary architecture can contain the natural philosophies of traditional Chinese culture and be reinterpreted within a contemporary urban and cultural context.

This event is by NZIA (New Zealand Institute of Architects) Waikato Branch.